About Us

Akasarushi (アカサルシ ー Pronounced as “Ah-kah-sah-roo-shee”) is a brand developed by Joanne Duong in July 2007. The name brand name itself changes a few times from 2006. It started out as L.O.E. Creations to Asashi, and finally ended at Akasarushi.

Note From Owner: Hello everyone, my name is Joanne, and I am the site’s owner. Akasarushi is a name made up by me. I want a name where there’s no multiple clashes among other web owners or users. So i made up a name formed by Japanese characters in the Japanese alphabet. I am a Graphic Designer, but I have love for designing clothes. Although i might love designing clothes, I know it’s not the major for me. Therefore, I take it in as a hobby instead and it’s working quite well. My first encounter with BJD is through myspace. I was browsing for sewing groups and bump into a BJD group somehow. At first I just thought they’re simple pretty to look at. I saw the price and could never imagine myself owning one. Well, one faithful crazy day, my heart beat up my brain and I ended up buying my first doll in March 2006. It was Kid-Delf ANI from LUTS. She’s gorgeous and I love her dearly. Then Winter came, so i ended up purchasing my second doll, SOOM NAMU in Winter 2006. He was gorgeous! Unfortunately, he have to go because I later found out SD size are not for me. Finally, a year later after my first doll, on December 4, 2007, I’ve decided to purchase another, yet another LUTS product, Kid-Delf BORY.