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We’ll be at Anime Conji 2011!

Hey Everyone! Great news! We got a table at Anime Conji 2011!!! For those who haven’t been to or heard of Anime Conji~ we think they’re Great! If you like Anime Los Angeles for its relaxing feel~ You’ll like Anime Conji as well~ Here’s their Official Website! Other than that~ We got our self a [...]

Akasarushi will be at Pacific Media Expo 2011!!!

Hello everyone~!! Akasarushi had officially gotten a table at Pacific Media Expo! So Do stop by and check out our stuff~ or say hi! ^_^ We will be selling our Fur Wig!, some clothes, Cocorons Merchandise, jewelries for your BJD! and MORE! Then Later in the day~ during PMX Swapmeet! We will be selling some [...]

New Blog

Hi everyone~ I decided to get a separate blog for the site. That way. It’ll be easier for me to post update for everyone instead of having to go through a lot of process just to post up a news. So please keep an eye out for this. Since i’ll try to keep you all [...]