We’ll be at Anime Conji 2011!

Hey Everyone! Great news! We got a table at Anime Conji 2011!!!
For those who haven’t been to or heard of Anime Conji~ we think they’re Great! If you like Anime Los Angeles for its relaxing feel~ You’ll like Anime Conji as well~

Here’s their Official Website!

Other than that~ We got our self a table! YEY!!!!
We finally found our little Table Display too! so when you goin~ be sure to stop by and look for this~~~

We will have more stuff on our table now. But surely our Table cloth and Banner will be there this time!!! We will be carrying the Spring collection with us and if Finished early! Our SUMMER LINE! So you will have First look at it!

Looking forward to see you all there~~!!!



Akasarushi will be at Pacific Media Expo 2011!!!

Hello everyone~!!

Akasarushi had officially gotten a table at Pacific Media Expo!
So Do stop by and check out our stuff~ or say hi! ^_^

We will be selling our Fur Wig!, some clothes, Cocorons Merchandise, jewelries for your BJD! and MORE!

Then Later in the day~ during PMX Swapmeet! We will be selling some of the Dolls stuff that we no longer need or stuff that are not made by us! So Please do stop by and check that out as well! our Swapmeet table will contains
A LOT OF random stuff. LOL.

Here’s the Map to PMX Artist Market~

Our Table is at A3!

So be sure to Visit us~~!!!
We’ll be giving out Free Miniture Akasarushi Magazine for your kids as well! ^_^

New Blog

Hi everyone~ I decided to get a separate blog for the site.

That way. It’ll be easier for me to post update for everyone instead of having to go through a lot of process just to post up a news.

So please keep an eye out for this. Since i’ll try to keep you all constantly posted~

Thank you everyone for your support~